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Crusader Kings 3 - Before You Buy


Crusader Kings III (PC) is the return of a PC gaming series like no other. Does it live up to the name? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: 🤍

Starting Your First Campaign in Crusader Kings 3 (Beginner's Guide)


CRUSADER KINGS PURCHASE LINK: 🤍 Table of Contents: 0:00 Introduction 1:49 Starting Year 4:28 Recommended Campaigns 6:56 Initial Decisions & Issues 10:09 Land & Titles Breakdown 12:50 Realm Management 20:32 Military Breakdown 28:52 Council Actions 39:41 Court Management 43:48 Intrigue Menu 45:51 Lifestyle Selection 49:56 Marriage, Guardians, & Alliances 59:05 Conclusion - DISCORD - ItalianSpartacus & Turin's Discord: 🤍 = - PATREON LINK - 🤍 NEW BUILD: Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix x390-E Gaming Processor: Intel i9-9900FK 🤍 5.0GHZ Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB FTW Gaming ACX Memory: GSkills Trident RGB 32GB DDR4-3200 Memory Storage: 2x Samsung EVO M.2 Drives #crusaderkings #guide #beginner

Crusader Kings 3 Review


Crusader Kings 3 reviewed by T.J. Hafer on PC. #ign

Обзор игры Crusader Kings III


• Комментарии и обсуждения — 🤍 • Ещё больше обзоров — 🤍 «The Sims для мужиков», «планировщик инцеста», «симулятор свахи» — как только не называли в народе Crusader Kings II. А разработчики восемь лет снабжали игру масштабными дополнениями, стараясь отразить каждую деталь жизни средневекового феодала. Чтобы сейчас выпустить третью часть — переехавшую на новый движок, дружелюбную к новичкам и буквально пышущую амбициями. Выясняем, достойна ли она оказалась короны предшественника. • Страница игры — 🤍 * Все видеообзоры игр - 🤍 Расписание эфиров - 🤍 Все записи трансляций - 🤍 Игры на - 🤍 Футболки от StopGame - 🤍 Мы ВКонтакте - 🤍 Мы в Steam - 🤍 Мы в Facebook - 🤍 Мы в Twitter - 🤍 Мы в Telegram - 🤍 Мы в Instagram - 🤍 Прямые трансляции на YouTube - 🤍 Прямые трансляции на Twitch - 🤍

Crusader Kings III | Pax Scandinavia | Episode 106


Well, that wasn't awkward at all! New episode every day at 10 PM US Central! Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Crusader Kings III copyright © 2022 Paradox Interactive AB. 🤍

A COMPLETE beginner Guide to CK3 in 2022


Today, I am playing a normal ck3 game in Ireland, with the goal of teaching you guys as many important gameplay mechanics as possible! You wont want to miss this one if your new to Crusader Kings... 📨 Send me your disastrous save files here 📨 zieleysubmissions🤍 Join my channel ⚔: 🤍 Follow my Twitter for spicy original CK3 memes: 🤍 _ 🎵 Music Credits 🎵 _ Marche Slave - Tchaikovsky Blue Danube - Strauss

Wenn euch Paradox-Spiele bislang abgeschreckt haben: Spielt Crusader Kings 3!


Spiele für Steam, Uplay und Co. jetzt digital bei kaufen: 🤍 (*) Ist Crusader Kings 3 das perfekte Spiel, um endlich Paradox-Fan zu werden? Und wie schlägt es sich für Profis im Vergleich mit seinem Vorgänger und dessen Bergen an DLC-Features? Diese Fragen klären wir im Testvideo und zeigen, wie sich das Gameplay verändert hat. Die Wertung findet ihr im Test-Artikel zu Crusader Kings 3: 🤍 Und mehr Videos von Steinwallen gibt's auf seinem Youtube-Kanal: 🤍 #GameStar #Paradox #CrusaderKings3 * Über 1.400 exklusive Videos gibt‘s bei GameStar Plus: 🤍 Mehr zu Crusader Kings 3:,14120.html Folgt uns! Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 *Hinweis zur Werbung: ist der offizielle PC-Spiele-Partner von und GameStar Plus. Wenn ihr dort Spiele kauft, unterstützt ihr unseren Youtube-Kanal und die GameStar-Website.

Court In The Act | Crusader Kings 3 - Royal Court DLC - Part 24


Crusader Kings 3 continues and I don't think it's a spoiler to say that we finally, at long last, found our very first Kingdom! As well as it being marvellous for the Lovely People, it also gives us a chance to see how the whole Royal Court DLC works because so far we've seen barely anything of it! There is a little bit of prep work to do beforehand, such as buying up some more Emirate titles, but this easily done and we then begin to save up some money for the Kingdom title itself... and then the game gives us quite a lot of things to deal with... and then some more! With our Kingdom established we have to hand out most of our Emirate titles, because we can only keep a few, so we do see a few new Emirs appearing in our lands. Then over at our Court we get to do some decorating by putting up our nice new banners and also we go ahead and Hold Court, where we invite people in to chat with us! Our newly founded Court is given a bit of an upgrade as we invest in fancy food, lodgings, clothes and servants, to make staying at our Court a very lovely experience indeed. Also we enjoy a spot of romance, we look into the secrets of trebuchets and there's a bit of a Crusade going on... NOTE: Apologies again for my croaky voice! Subscribe: 🤍 Crusader Kings 3 can be found here: 🤍 Crusader Kings 3 Royal Court DLC can be found here: 🤍 If you’d like to connect with me, you can find me on... Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Reddit: 🤍 Epic Games Creator Code: THEGEEKCUPBOARD Your legacy awaits. Choose your noble house and lead your dynasty to greatness in a Middle Ages epic that spans generations. War is but one of many tools to establish your reign, as real strategy requires expert diplomatic skill, mastery of your realm, and true cunning. Crusader Kings III continues the popular series made by Paradox Development Studio, featuring the widely acclaimed marriage of immersive grand strategy and deep, dramatic medieval roleplaying. Take command of your house and expand your dynasty through a meticulously researched Middle Ages. Begin in 867 or 1066 and claim lands, titles, and vassals to secure a realm worthy of your royal blood. Your death is only a footnote as your lineage continues with new playable heirs, either planned… or not. Discover a sprawling simulated world teeming with peasants and knights, courtiers, spies, knaves and jesters, and secret love affairs. An extensive cast of historical characters can be romanced, betrayed, executed, or subtly influenced. Explore a vast medieval map stretching from the snowswept Nordic lands to the Horn of Africa, and the British Isles in the west to the exotic riches of Burma in the east. Claim, conquer, and rule thousands of unique counties, duchies, kingdoms, and empires. Each character is larger than life, with traits and lifestyle choices determining their actions and schemes. Prompt fear and dread as you rule with an iron fist, or inspire your subjects with magnanimous deeds. Genetics can be passed along to your children, be it the gift of genius or crippling stupidity. Groom your heir with the appropriate guardians or educate them yourself. If found wanting, marry them off or despatch them through other means. Customize your ruler and noble house, from appearance to attributes, and create a monarch worthy of all their inherited virtues and vices. Govern an ever-evolving realm and grant titles to whom you see fit - or usurp your liege to claim their crown as your own. Be wary of rivals, from restless serfs to revengeful concubines. The shadows stir frequently, and danger lurks around every darkened corner. Recruit agents and other unsavory elements to undermine, blackmail, or murder those who stand in your path. Or be inspired by the bard and ballad, and seduce your way to power and influence. Blood will flow. Assemble men-at-arms units and powerful knights. Manage your battlefield tactics and armies. Raid and plunder nearby lands or hire mercenaries and Holy Orders for your major conflicts. The paths to follow are limitless: experience thousands of dynamic events and life-altering decisions tailored to each and every conceivable situation and character. There are countless ways of securing and keeping your place in the history books. Channel graphics designed by Penge in The Geek Cupboard. Additional audio: Music to Delight Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 🤍

THE ROMAN EMPIRE WILL RISE AGAIN! Crusader Kings 3 - Restoring the Roman Empire Campaign #1


Welcome to My Crusader Kings 3 Let's Play! Join me as I campaign to Restore the Roman Empire, starting as the Duke of Salerno, we shall rise to become the main Power in Italy...and then to bold new heights as we Restore the Roman Empire to Glory! Tune in to the series LIVE every Thursday & Friday on Twitch: 🤍 with YouTube Uploads, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays! - Support the Channel and get a GREAT Deal on CK3 here: 🤍 - Check Out My Live Streams Here: 🤍 Check Out My Discord Here: 🤍 Feel free to check out my Patreon here: 🤍 - Buy PC Parts, Monitors, Accessories and More! 🤍 - Great Great Games at Awesome Prices: 🤍 #CK3 #Crusaderkings #Crusaderkings3

Crusader Kings III [PL] - #1 nowe początki


Kolejna odsłona gry strategicznej studia Paradox, w której wcielamy się w głowę dynastii i przy pomocy miecza, dyplomacji oraz intryg walczymy o jej sławę na polu średniowiecznego świata. Seria z CK2 już się na tym kanale pojawiła. A jako wielki fan serii, w końcu doczekałem się wydania CK3. Komentarz PL: Oczywiście wszystko komentuję po polsku :) Napiszcie w komentarzu, jak wam się ten odcinek podobał oraz co sądzicie o samej grze. Oczywiście będę także wdzięczny za wszystkie rady i sugestie. - Discord : 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Steam: 🤍 -

HOW TO BECOME GOD - Crusader Kings 3 Royal Court Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits


Crusader Kings 3 Royal Court Has Just released and with this latest DLC update we have seen a culture system overhaul and the addition of overpowered artifacts. Now I could make a tier list or top 10 list of cultures and artefacts or alternatively I could just create a god by becoming a viking raider in india who will then create a culture of elephant riding space marines that cannot be stopped in combat as they have a knight effectiveness of over 500%! Crusader Kings 3 / Crusader Kings III Is the latest entry into the crusader kings series. So sit back and enjoy this divorce simulator which has been disguised under the name of a grand strategy game CK3! I loved playing CK2 and I am excited to be able to show off this next in CK3! But is this new game Crusader Kings 3 a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or is making money by becoming a god is overpowered! Well lets see what The Spiffing Brit has to show us today in Crusader Kings III as sure you can do ck3 tall or you can just destroy the world What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience. So sit back relax and enjoy this Crusader Kings 3 challenge! How on earth can one english bugger beat CK III with the power of space marines!!! title: HOW TO BECOME GOD - Crusader Kings 3 Royal Court Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍thespiffingbrit Discord: 🤍 00:00 - Coming Up 00:17 - Intro 02:09 - Getting Started 03:39 - Life & Death in the family 05:20 - Birth of the Tea Drinkers! 07:14 - Planning our Kingdom 08:28 - Our new Court 09:58 - Mega Knights! 11:53 - MANDITORY AD BREAK! 12:17 - Making our Knights even stronger! 14:29 - Creation of the Space Marines 16:28 - Yorkshire Tea Religion 18:26 - The Yorkeshireism Schism 19.35 - Attack of the Space Marines 21:21 - Crusade time! 22:58 - Squashing the Crusade 24:09 - Outro 24:31 - PATREONS! #CK3 #God #Funny



Watch the full beginner's guide playlist here: 🤍 In today's beginner's guide to Crusader Kings 3, we take a look at some of the biggest mistakes one can make - from military conquests to going on pilgrimage, there are countless little details that can easily be missed by those who don't know where to look. Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Become a member: 🤍 Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Send me a Tip: 🤍 Join us on Discord: 🤍 00:00 - Intro 00:48 - Don't Prematurely End Kingdom Wars 02:49 - Don't Rely on Levies in Battle 04:22 - Don't Forget the Knights 06:40 - Don't Raise Every Soldier ( + How to use Rally Points) 08:39 - Don't Rely Only on Troop Counts 10:47 - Don't Forget Education Focus 12:45 - Don't Ignore Diplomacy 14:27 - Don't Underestimate Minor Decisions 16:25 - Outro #CrusaderKings3 #Guide #StrategyGames2020

Découverte - CRUSADER KINGS 3!


Achetez Crusader Kings 3 sur avec le code promo GRENIER : Edition Standard à -15% : 🤍 Edition Royal à -14% : 🤍

Building a KINGDOM and Conquering the WORLD in Crusader Kings 3


Get Crusader Kings 3 here: 🤍 Thanks to Paradox for Sponsoring this Crusader Kings 3 Video! Subscribe if you like it! - 🤍 Visit my second Channel: 🤍 Join me on my Social Media: Twitter: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Crusader Kings 3 Guide: 5 Tips for New Players


Need some Crusader Kings 3 gameplay tips? With the PS5 and Xbox launches of CK3, we pulled together the best Crusader Kings 3 tips for beginners just learning how to play CK3! 00:00 - Intro 00:45 - Understanding Crusader Kings 3 Succession Laws 00:53 - What to do when your character dies in CK3 01:55 - Succession law loopholes 02:33 - How to Manage Vassals in Crusader Kings 3 02:40 - How to stop rebel factions 03:13 - How to improve vassal opinions 04:04 - Tip Not Found 04:05 - Marriage Tip 04:59 - How to End Marriage in Crusader Kings 3 05:10 - The Benefits of Defeat For more Crusader Kings 3 gameplay and news, check out all our CK3 updates on IGN: 🤍 IGN has tons of Crusader Kings iii gameplay to go with this Crusader Kings 3 guide. Our Crusader Kings 3 tips will help you get the most out of CK3, whether you're playing Crusader Kings 3 PS5, Crusader Kings 3 Xbox, or you're opting for Crusader Kings 3 PC gameplay. #IGN #Gaming

6 Minutes of Crusader Kings 3 Gameplay


IGN contributor T.J. Hafer walks you through six minutes of gameplay from the upcoming grand strategy game sequel, Crusader Kings 3. #ign

⚡Crusader Kings 3⚡Владимир #1. Прохождение, гайд, советы


Crusader Kings 3 - новая часть уникальной серии стратегий с элементами ролевой игры, без сомнения, одна из самых масштабных игр года. Проект от Paradox предлагает большую свободу действий. Мы можем сыграть за любого средневекового правителя - не только королей или императоров, но и за вассалов. Под командой игрока в каждый конкретный момент — могущественный аристократ с собственным характером и параметрами, владениями и ресурсами, друзьями и врагами. СТАТЬ СПОНСОРОМ КАНАЛА 🤍 КУПИТЬ ИГРЫ СО СКИДКОЙ 🤍 Наш Discord 🤍 Прошу Вашей активности, с радостью отвечу на все Ваши комментарии. Подписывайтесь на канал, здесь много интересных стратегий, прохождений и различных гайдов Всё о HUMANKIND 🤍 Гайды по Civilization 6 🤍 Прохождение за Россию в Civilization 6 Gathering Storm: 🤍 Прохождение за Англию в Civilization 6 Gathering Storm: 🤍 Прохождение за Скифов в Civilization 6 Gathering Storm: 🤍 Прохождение за Колумбию в Civilization 6 Gathering Storm: 🤍 Прохождение за Майя в Civilization 6 Gathering Storm: 🤍 Прохождение за Бразилию в Civilization 6 Gathering Storm: 🤍 Прохождение за Македонию в Civilization 6 Gathering Storm: 🤍 Прохождение Mount&Blade 2 Bannerlord 1 сезон 🤍 2 сезон 🤍 Короткие гайды по Тропико 6 - 🤍 Моё прохождение песочницы Тропико 6 - 🤍 Гайды по Total War Three Kingdoms - 🤍 Гайд, прохождение Cities: Skylines 🤍 Прохождение песочницы Anno 1800: 🤍 Crusader Kings 3 crusader kings 3 гайд crusader kings 3 прохождение crusader kings 3 обзор Crusader Kings 3 Владимир Crusader Kings 3 советы Crusader Kings Crusader Kings 3 как играть Crusader Kings 3 обучение крусейдер кингс 3 Крусадер Кингс 3 гайд Crusader Kings 3 скачать Crusader Kings 3 прохождение за Владимир Crusader Kings 3 читы Crusader Kings 3 пиратка Кресты 3 Крестоносцы 3 Кресты 3 гайд Крестоносцы 3 гайд Кресты 3 прохождение CK3 гайд ck3 прохождение #CrusaderKings3 #CrusaderKings3Гайд #Крестоносцы3 #ck3

Creating the Most Inbred Dynasty in Crusader Kings 3


Looking to take your chin to habsburg heights? Elevate your dynasty today: 🤍 This video is sponsored by Paradox Interactive. In this CK3 challenge we will attempt to keep it in the family for generations and elevate an obscure dynasty to the heights of blue blood - from the lowly count of Cournouaille to the empire of West Francia! Want to support the channel and vote for future videos? Check out my Patreon, here: 🤍 Special thanks to the following Patreon users and Channel members who support AlzaboHD: akurohan, Cydonia, Dilraba, Dylan Stewart, Shamir Khodzha, Ben Greenhagen, D.K., Dylan Steele, Emil Hansson, Graf Zahl, Jack, Jourdan M, Lynda Lowe, Matt Smyth, Nicholas Walker, nick koo, Noah Corbitt, Peter Hayward, Remyl0p, Sheamus Byrne, Tyler Pentecost All music is owned and copyrighted under their respective owners. Crusader Kings III is a grand strategy game published by Paradox Interactive. All rights reserved.

TÜRKİYE'DE İLK - Crusader Kings 3 Rehberi (Nasıl Başlanır Ve Oynanır?)


Crusader Kings 3'e giriş yapıyoruz. Baştan belirteyim Crusader Kings 3 Türkçe dil desteği barındırmıyor. Karşınıza özel ve Türkiye'de yine ilk olan bir video ile çıkıyorum. Ancak belirteyim Crusader Kings serisinde iddialı değilim. Ben Europa Universalis cephesinden savaşa katılıyorum. Bu videoda bu yeni esere nasıl başlarız, ilk olarak neleri bilmemiz gerekiyor onlara değindim. Yani rehber vari bir oynanış ve sunum söz konusu, seri başlangıcı değil. Kanal Üyeliği kısa yol ➤ 🤍 Abonelik kısa yolu ➤ 🤍 ViewSonic monitör fırsatları ➤ 🤍 Crusader Kings 3 sistem gereksinimlerinde kilit nokta işlemci, en düşük önerilen i5-750 veya i3-2120 ya da Phenom II X6 1055T. Ekran kartı olarak GTX 460 (1 GB) ya da Radeon™ R7 260X (2 GB) veya Radeon HD 6970 (2 GB) son olarak Iris Pro 580. Win8 hala destekleniyor. Raminiz de en az 4GB olmalı. Kapladığı alanda 8GB. Bunlar en düşük unutmayın. #CrusaderKings3 #CK3 #CrusaderKings #tarih #history #stratejioyunu #strategygames #CrusaderKings3Türkçe Takip edin / Follow me ➤ Twitch 🤍 ➤ Facebook 🤍 ➤ Instagram 🤍 ➤ Twitter 🤍 ➤ Steam 🤍 ➤ Site 🤍 Destek / Support ➤ oyunfor 🤍 ➤ bynogame 🤍 AAA kalitesindeki ve bağımsız (indie) oyun ve oyunlar ile alakalı içerik üretimi ve nicesini YouTube kanalımdan izleyebilirsiniz. Bu aleme, oyun alemine, bir de Yabgu Nizam Pasha'nın penceresinden göz atın. Selamlar. Ben Talha, 89'luyum. 2005'den beri Türk oyun ve teknoloji sektöründe çalışıyorum. Topluluklar kurdum, oyun geliştiricilerine, devlet kurumlarına ve üniversitelere danışmanlık yaptım, sektöre yeni bireyler kazandırdım. Asıl amacım "bilinçli oyuncular"ın artması.

Vládcem středověkého Irska! - Crusader King 3 #1


Steam: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 MERCH: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 facebook: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Komunitní servery poskytnuty společností NITRADO. 🤍



In questa serie di tutorial in italiano a Crusader Kings III vi voglio parlare di tutti gli aspetti di gioco. Partiremo nei primi episodi con le basi per chi si avvicina al gioco per la prima volta, fino ad arrivare ad analizzare le meccaniche in modo più preciso negli episodi avanzati. Seguimi anche su: INSTAGRAM : ac_andrew_channel SECONDO CANALE ITA : 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 Paradox Development Studio ci porta il sequel di uno dei giochi di strategia più popolari di sempre. Crusader Kings III è l'erede di una lunga serie di esperienze nel genere della grand strategy storica e arriva con tante nuove strade con cui portare la tua casata reale al successo.

Familie Habsburg - Crusader Kings 3 #38 "Und dann haben wir ihn, den Frieden." [Deutsch]


Das Let´s Play bei dem wir mit der Habsburg-Dynastie spielen und die Geschicke dieser Familie im Mittelalter zeigen! ► Twitch: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ►Steady (monatliche Spenden Möglichkeit): 🤍 ► Discordserver zu meinem Youtubekanal: 🤍 ► Gameplanet Link um Spiele Keys zu kaufen (*Werbung*): 🤍 (über den Link werde ich beim Kauf eines Spieles unterstützt, ihr zahlt aber soviel wie immer) ► Mein Programmkalender: 🤍 ► Discordserver der deutschsprachigen Age of Empires 3 Community: 🤍 ► Steamgruppe: 🤍 ► Impressum und Datenschutz: 🤍 Spiel: Crusader Kings 3 Paradox Interactive, Crusader Kings III [2019] Paradox Interactive AB All rights reserved. 🤍 © Paradox Interactive. Trademarks belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved. Crusader Kings 3 Videos: CK3 Tutorial: 🤍 Ränkespiele und Intrigen Tutorial #1: 🤍 Nachfolge und Erbrecht Tutorial #2: 🤍 Religions Tutorial # 3: 🤍 Geld verdienen Tutorial #4: 🤍 Hier gehts zum Preview Einsteiger Livestream mit dem Könige Alfonso von Leon in Spanien (1066): 🤍

Crusader Kings III | Ottoman Supremacy | Episode 91


Back to expansion! New episode every day at 4AM US Central! The planned game succession is as follows: Imperator - CK3 - EUIV - Vic2 (or 3 if it's out by then!) - HoI4 - KSP (maybe? discussion welcome) - Stellaris Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Crusader Kings III copyright © 2022 Paradox Interactive AB. 🤍

【Crusader Kings III】十字軍之王3,新手入門介紹,讓你入門不害怕!輕鬆體驗中世紀的魅力!


這遊戲很中毒,但前提是你有摸清楚他的基本系統 希望能引導更多新手朋友加入,熟了真的是很好玩 0:00 歡迎來到冰與火之歌 1:29 選擇劇本 2:02 貨幣介紹 2:56 鄰國關係 3:54 內閣作用 5:04 血緣系統 5:41 生活方式 6:21 發動戰爭 7:22 按讚支持才有更多教學能看! =工商時間= 這頻道是我的業餘興趣以及事業,但每天出片的負擔也是不輕,但也希望能帶給各位更多內容 沒有一份合理收入確實難以維持當前品質,如果你覺得我做的不錯 選擇加入安迪會員,按下"加入'"就能挑選方案 一個月最低"75台幣"就能幫助安迪能持續實況新遊戲跟製作新影片,每一個人的支持都很重要 =會員專屬= ※更多聊天室能用的表情,更生動的聊天 ※聊天室優先回答你的提問,一起玩遊戲的優先權 ※影片留言問題優先回答,不用怕被噴不爬文 =

شرح لعبة كروسيدر كينقز 3 الاساسيات والبداية #1 crusader kings 3


نتمنى انكم استمتعتم و استفدتم :) لا تنسوا الاشتراك وتفعيل الجرس ليصلكم جديدنا كروسيدر كينقز 3 (الملوك الصليبيين 3) Crusader Kings III هي لعبة قراند ستراتيجي من فترة 1066 الى 1453 تتمحور حول القرون الوسطى من جبال التبت و بورما شرقا الى ارلندا و مالي غربا و من اسكندنافيا و ايسلندا شمالا الى الصومال و البنين جنوبا وتتمحور حول الثقافات و الديانات و تنوع الصفات و الجينات و العوائل بصفة خاصة اختر شخصيتك من اقل الرتب الشيخ الى اعلى المناصب الامبراطور كون عائلة قوية و افرادها كثر اهتم بالدين او بالحروب و التوسع او ان تكون شخص يعذب الناس او شخص يهتم بالتجارة او العائلة واجعل اسم عائلتك يمتد لقرون. دسكورد القناة: 🤍 قروب القناة على ستيم: 🤍 تويتر القناة 🤍 قناتنا توتيش 🤍 رابط اللعبة على ستيم: 🤍 موقع اللعبة: 🤍 #crusaderkings3 #CK3 #crusaderkingsiii

Crusader Kings 3 Gameplay 🔴 Part 1 ► House Wessex


📌 Crusader Kings 3 Playlist!► 🤍 📌 Crusader Kings 2 with All DLC Bohemia Playlist!► 🤍 Hey guys, this is a Playthrough / Walkthrough / Let's Play of the Grand Strategy game Crusader Kings III for the PC featuring Gameplay with Live English Commentary! In this playthrough we start as a young Alfred the Great before his ascension to the throne, as we attempt to take our unknown family and make it the most prestigious in the world! Will Wessex grow into the envy of the world or will it fall into obscurity? Only one way to find out! Enjoy! 📺 Live Streaming At!► 🤍 🔷 Twitter!► 🤍 📷 Instagram!► 🤍 💰 Patreon!► 🤍 ❤️ Humble Bundle Affiliate Link!► 🤍 🎮 Daily Game Sales at Chrono!► 🤍 💲 Amazon Affiliates Link USA!► 🤍 💲 Amazon Affiliates Link Canada!► 🤍 💲 Amazon Affiliates Link UK!► 🤍 ~Stay in Touch!~ Discord Server!► 🤍 Steam Group!► 🤍 Steam!► 🤍  Reddit Fan Page!► 🤍 Curious Cat!► 🤍 Tip Jar!► 🤍 #CrusaderKings3 #ParadoxInteractive #GrandStrategy

👉 Crusader Kings 3 gameplay español EP 16👈 RECONQUISTA ⚔️ (Fate of Iberia + Royal Court + TODO DLC)


✔️ La MEJOR GUÍA de CK3: 🤍 👈 💥 GRAN OFERTA de ENEBA: 🤍 💥 Nuevo episodio de esta CAMPAÑA en ESPAÑOL de CRUSDAER KINGS 3. En este GAMEPLAY de Fate of Iberia + ROYAL COURT (Corte Real) buscamos hacernos con 2 objetivos principales que nos darán 2 logros de CK·: 1-Fundar el Reino de Portugal. 2-Conseguir la RECONQUISTA COMPLETA de la península ibérica, convirtiendo todo condado al cristianismo. ¡Disfruta Crusader Kings III! ¡MIRA AQUÍ! 👇 👇 👉 Crusader Kings 3 ¿Puedo jugarlo? 🤍 👉 Crusader Kings 3 ¡CAMBIA de CAPITAL! 🤍 👉 Crusader Kings 3 ¡ELIMINA PROBLEMAS! 🤍 👉 Crusader Kings 3 CÓMO CAMBIAR de RELIGIÓN: 🤍 👉 AGE OF EMPIRES 4, 7 SECRETOS: 🤍 👉 PORT ROYALE 4, El Análisis: 🤍 👉 CYBERPUNK 2077, ¡DESVELO La Verdad! 🤍 ¡Disfrutad de este juegazo en español aquí, en Manco de Lepanto! Cualquier duda, sugerencia u otros, dejadlo en la caja de comentarios. ¡Os contestaré! 🌟 REDES SOCIALES 🌟 🐦 TWITTER: 🤍 📸 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 👇 SETUP Y COMPONENTES DE MI PC 👇 👉 Webcam ▸ 🤍 👉 Ratón ▸ 🤍 👉 Teclado ▸ 🤍 👉 Cascos ▸ 🤍 👉 Micrófono PRO 🔥 🔥 ▸ 🤍 👉 Mezclador/Modulador de Voz (Mixer) ▸ 🤍 👉 Tarjeta gráfica ▸ 🤍 👉 CPU ▸ 🤍 👉 Placa Base ▸ 🤍 👉 Memoria M2 ▸ 🤍

Crusader Kings 3 | TARİHSEL SERİ: OSMANLI DEVLETİ | Bölüm 1


Osman'ın Rüyası... Tarihsel seri konseptinde Osman Bey'in rüyasıyla başlayan bir destan... Bu kez 30'dan fazla mod kullanarak Osmanlı Devleti'yle oynuyoruz. 1453'ün ötesine geçeceğimiz bu seride tımar sistemi, ikta sistemi, devşirme sistemi, detaylı İslam mezhepleri, İpek Yolu, kültürlere özel askeri birlikler, yeni özel binalar, Yeniçeriler ve daha tonla özellik oyuna eklenmiş vaziyette. Amacımız bol bol keyifli tarihsel tartışmalar yürütmek ve oyunun elverdiği ölçüde tarihsel çizgide giderek Osmanlı'yı büyütmek. Osmanlı'yı tarihteki en geniş sınırlarına ulaştırmaya çalışacağız! Oyunda kullandığım modlar: 🤍 Not: Modların sorunsuz çalışması için listedeki ilk 9 modu launcher üzerinden aynı sırayla dizmelisiniz. İyi seyirler dilerim :) Twitch: 🤍 Good Boy Hanesi'ne katılmak isterseniz: 🤍 İlginizi Çekebilecek Oynatma Listeleri Crusader Kings 3 İnteraktif Seri: TABU: 🤍 Crusader Kings 3 İnteraktif Seri: Bir Garip Bizans Oyunu: 🤍 Crusader Kings 3 Geliştirici Günlükleri: 🤍 Çorba: 🤍 İlk bakışını yaptığımız oyunlar için İlk Bakış Listesi: 🤍 CK3 | 'Efsanevi' Kemiksiz Ivar Serisi: 🤍 HUMANKIND: Kusursuz Medeniyetin Peşinde: 🤍 CK3 | Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu Serisi: 🤍 CK3 | Varangian Adventure: Akdenizli Vikingler Serisi: 🤍 #CrusaderKings3 #RockytheGoodBoy #Osmanlı #OsmanlıDevleti #tarih #alternatiftarih #tarihselseri #GoodBoyHanesi #Fatih #Kanuni #CK3 #paradox

Crusader Kings III | 1. rész 🔴 Végigjátszás (Magyarország 1066)


Az új Crusader Kings III az emberiség történelmének egyik legmeghatározóbb korszakába vezet be - az epikus középkor a szemeid előtt elevenedik meg, lovagokkal, királyokkal és aljas intrikákkal! 🐧 👕 Pingvin Shop ► 🤍 🎮 Játék Bolt ► 🤍 💜 Twitch ► 🤍 📸 Instagram ► 🤍 🐦 Twitter ► 🤍 📘 Facebook ► 🤍 💬 Discord ► 🤍 📬 Business ► 🤍 Köszönöm, ha a videóimat lájkolod és hagysz egy építő hozzászólást a feliratkozás után! 👇 #CrusaderKings3 #Játék #Nessaj

ВСЕМИРНАЯ СЛАВА | Вызов за 10 000 ₽ #5 в Crusader Kings 3


Вызов от подписчика за 10 000 ₽ в Crusader Kings 3 с dlc Fate of Iberia. Условия вызова: - cтарт в 867 году - сложность Ironman - старт за одно из герцогств/графств в средиземном море. - создать королевство из Майорки, Сицилии, Сардинии, Корсики. - нельзя создавать империю - за пределами своего королевства можно захватывать только отдельные графства - реформировать культуру или создать новую - реформировать религию - принять ковент ведьм в королевства - принять решения: Усилить династию, Святая династия Самые главные задачи: 1. Принять решение "Династия множества корон" 2. Сделать, чтобы новая конфессия была в топ 3 самых популярных конфессий мира ► Весь плейлист - 🤍 Поддержать автора монетой - 🤍 🤩 Стать спонсором канала и получить уникальные бонусы (кнопка спонсировать) - 🤍 Подписывайтесь на мой второй канал, который посвящен Age of Empires 4 - 🤍 🟢 На моем сервере Discord можно найти партию для мультиплеера, задать вопрос по игре и предложить что-то новое для канала. Подписывайтесь - 🤍 ► Плейлист с гайдами по Crusader Kings 3 - 🤍 | Интересные прохождения в Crusader Kings III ► Король северного моря за Исландию (1.3.) - 🤍 ► Переселение мадьяр (венгров) - 🤍 ► Формирование Тибета и унижение Чингисхана (на стримах) - 🤍 ► Утремерская империя (на стримах) - 🤍 ► Молдавия (вызов на 8000 руб) - 🤍 ► Ирландия с 1066 (вызов на 5000 руб) - 🤍 ► Ачивка "Русь" за жизнь Рюрика + формирование Славии - 🤍 ► Викинги обживаются в Индии (играю на стримах) - 🤍 ► Становление Османской империи (играю на стримах) - 🤍 ► Объединение Арфики за Дауру (стримы) - 🤍 ► Монголы распускают СРИ и папство - 🤍 ► Армяне возрождают великую Римскую империю (на стримах) - 🤍 ► Формирование СРИ за Богемию без наступательных войн (на стримах) - 🤍 | Интересное в Stellaris: ► Гайды - 🤍 Прохождения: ► Некромонгеры стремятся стать галактическим кризисом (играю на стримах) - 🤍 | Интересное в Imperator: Rome ► Гайды - 🤍 Прохождения: ►Ачивки "Настоящий вандал" и "Великая Германия" за Сцирию - 🤍 ► Армения (стримы) - 🤍 ► Афины - 🤍 ► Спарта - 🤍 Всем привет! На связи Папа Квази и мы здесь проходим стратегии и тактики на высокой сложности, выполняем хардкорные ачивки, обустраиваем постапокалиптические поселения и не только! Присоединяйся - тут интересно ;) Если нравиться - поставь лайк. Если нравится и хочешь еще - подпишись и включи колокольчик. |инфа для алгоритмов youtube| #crusaderkings3 #crusaderkingsiii #ck3 ВСЕМИРНАЯ СЛАВА | Вызов за 10 000 ₽ #5 в Crusader Kings 3

Guide du débutant FR #1 - Les bases pour bien débuter ! (Crusader Kings 3)


Dans cette vidéo revoyons les bases de Crusader Kings avant de voir point par point chacun des aspects qui font ce superbe jeu de stratégie médiéval ! Le jeu est disponible moins cher sur goclecd: 🤍 War Legend : ► Site : 🤍 ► Twitter : 🤍 ► Facebook : 🤍 ► Twitch : 🤍 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Merci pour vos j'aimes et vos encouragements !

THE RISE OF CORNWALL! Crusader Kings 3 - Kingdom of Cornwall Campaign #1


Welcome to My Crusader Kings 3 Let's Play! Today I begin my Adventure with the Kingdom of Cornwall! Join me for the Rise of the Cornish as we seek to Conquer all of Britannia! Support the Channel and get a GREAT Deal on CK3 here: 🤍 Use the code: CRU5ADER at the checkout for 15% of Total! - Check Out My Live Streams Here: 🤍 Check Out My Discord Here: 🤍 Feel free to check out my Patreon here: 🤍 - Buy PC Parts, Monitors, Accessories and More! 🤍 - Great Great Games at Awesome Prices: 🤍 #CK3 #Crusaderkings #Crusaderkings3

RISE OF THE NORTH SEA EMPIRE! Crusader Kings 3 - Rise of the North Sea Empire Campaign #1


Welcome to My Crusader Kings 3 Let's Play! Join me for the Rise of the North Sea Empire, led by the Furious Viking Harald Fairhair, from humble beginnings in the Duchy of Vikin, he will rise to become King of all Norway, England and Denmark, creating the North Sea Empire ! Get the NEW CK3 Northern Lords DLC Here: 🤍 & Save a Total of 15% off by using Voucher Code: LORDS at the Checkout! - Support the Channel and get a GREAT Deal on CK3 here: 🤍 - Check Out My Live Streams Here: 🤍 Check Out My Discord Here: 🤍 Feel free to check out my Patreon here: 🤍 - Buy PC Parts, Monitors, Accessories and More! 🤍 - Great Great Games at Awesome Prices: 🤍 #CK3 #Crusaderkings #Crusaderkings3

I Used an Entire Kingdom to Torment One Person - Crusader Kings III - Ad


This video is sponsored by Xbox Game Pass for PC. Start your first month for $1 and play Crusader Kings III now: 🤍 - Subscribe if you enjoy! ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Want more LGIO?!? More Simulator Mayhem ► 🤍 Funny Tycoon Games ► 🤍 The Finest One-Offs ► 🤍 Some Truly Bizarre Games ► 🤍 I Used an Entire Kingdom to Torment One Person - Crusader Kings III - Let's Game It Out #LetsGameItOut #ck3 #paradox More about Crusader Kings III: Paradox Development Studio brings you the sequel to one of the most popular strategy games ever made. Crusader Kings III is the heir to a long legacy of historical grand strategy experiences and arrives with a host of new ways to ensure the success of your royal house. HISTORY Choose a royal or noble house from a number of realms on a map that stretches from Iceland to India, from the Arctic Circle to Central Africa. Guide a dynasty through the centuries, ensuring the security and power of each new generation. Gather new lands and titles to cement your legacy. Be a pious king to bring the religious powers to your side, or strike out on your own, designing your own splinter religion and earning everlasting fame or eternal damnation. Knights, peasant revolts, pilgrimages, Viking raiders... experience the drama and pageantry of the Middle Ages. CHARACTER Adopt one of five different lifestyles, perfecting your skills in military strategy or kingdom management. Acquire character traits that will guide your actions, but beware if you act against your nature! The stress from denying your truest self could bring a new host of troubles! Choose appropriate guardians for your heirs, or train them yourself. But what do you do if the legal heir is not quite up to the job? Violent characters may develop a fearsome reputation, cowering your timid subjects into obedience with the dread you inspire. WARFARE Recruit men-at-arms units and powerful knights to supplement your royal levies. Research new technologies to increase the wealth and military might of your realm. Hire mercenaries and Holy Orders for your major wars. Supplement your income with ransomed prisoners or raiding parties on neighboring realms. INTRIGUE Use your spymaster to discover plots against your dynasty and your rule. Recruit agents to assist your schemes to undermine or murder anyone who stands between you and power. Seduce other characters for love or political power. Gather information for blackmailing purposes or call in favors whenever your plans need an extra bit of influence.

Playing TALL is the MOST BROKEN STRATEGY in Crusader Kings 3!


Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile and PC: 🤍 and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days💥 Playing tall is a great strategy for players who are tired of always blobbing out and making massive empires! With this strategy, you could easily be making 220 gold PER MONTH using the power of playing tall in CK3 by investing your gold into all your counties! You can unlock every tech in Crusader Kings 3 and increase the development in ANY county to 50 and upgrade and build every building! This is truly a great strategy to try out! So join me in this Crusader Kings 3 video, where I, Koifish, the best CK3 player in all of the world will try out the Tall strategy! Playing as the Welsh, will I be able to make a massive amount of gold? Is this strategy as broken as they say? Only one way to find out!

Beginner's Quick Start Guide for Crusader Kings 3 (2022) | PC, Xbox, & PS5


Thanks so much for watching! Beginner's Guide: 🤍 Guide Playlist: Crusader Kings 3 Guides: 🤍 Starting Crusader Kings 3 can be a daunting process! In this quick start guide, I will show you how to start your campaign out before you even un pause the game! This will especially be crucial to beginners coming from Xbox or PS5! 0:00 Intro & Summary 0:58 Setting Up Marriages 7:46 Lifestyle Choices 9:48 Dynasty Legacy Points 11:34 Assigning Guardians 16:00 Major & Minor Decisions 18:06 Optimize Your Council 20:39 Military Organization 22:58 Situations Tab #crusaderkings3 #guide #beginner - Help Keep the Channel Alive! Use Code "SPARTY" when you buy Sneak Energy!: ► 🤍 Patreon: ► 🤍 Become a Channel Member: ►🤍 Nexus Store: ►🤍 Content Suggestions: ► 🤍 Social Media Twitter: ► 🤍 Discord: ► 🤍 System Specs: Motherboard: Asus Strix z390-E Gaming Processor: Intel i9-9900FK Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 8GB FTW Gaming ACX Memory: G.Skills Trident LED 32GB DDR4-3200 Memory

Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court DLC Review


Crusader Kings III: Royal Court DLC reviewed on PC by Leana Hafer. Whether I'm creating new melting pot cultures, decorating my throne room, or throwing lavish parties to make sure everyone remembers how important I am, Royal Court goes beyond tacking on some new mechanics to the already excellent Crusader Kings 3. It weaves iron into the very fibers of the base game and makes it feel more complete and cohesive. And rather than focus on one region, all the pillars and ethoses added by the new culture system make it feel like a flavor pack for the entire world. It's the best kind of grand strategy expansion, and while it leaves dukes and tribal rulers feeling a bit left out in the rain as they can't access most of these new systems, I wouldn't want to ever play without it. #IGN #Gaming #CrusaderKings3

Crusader Kings 3 Einführung (Guide, Tutorial)


WERBUNG: Hier könnt ihr das neue Crusader Kings 3 selber spielen: 🤍 Danke an Paradox fürs sponsern! Im heutigen Video spielen wir endlich ein Spiel, was ich euch schon seit längerer Zeit zeigen wollte und was man womöglich als eins meiner aktuellen Lieblingsspiele betiteln kann: Crusader Kings 3. Ab in den Kreuzzug, alla! ►HandOfBlood Shop: 🤍 ►Hauptkanal: 🤍 ►Best of Kanal: 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Crusader Kings 3 spielen: 🤍 Paradox Development Studio bringt dir die Fortsetzung zu einem der beliebtesten Strategiespiele aller Zeiten. Crusader Kings III ist der Thronfolger, der das historische Erbe der Globalstrategiespiele antritt, mit vielen neuen Optionen, um den Erfolg deines Königshauses zu sichern. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ►Livestream: 🤍 ►Discord: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►TikTok 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Mein Equipment: ►SteelSeries Apex M750: 🤍 ►SteelSeries Rival 710: 🤍 ►SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless: 🤍 ►BenQ Zowie XL2730 e-Sports Monitor, 27 Zoll: 🤍 ►Acer XF270HB, 27 Zoll: 🤍 ►SHURE sm7b: 🤍 ►DBX 286S: 🤍 ►Focusrite Scarlett 2i2: 🤍 Wenn ihr über die hier angegebenen Tracking-Links einkauft, profitiere ich davon. Ehre. WERBUNG Kostü ist unser Partner für Kostüme und Requisiten. Hier findet ihr zu ihrem Shop: 🤍



Użyj kodu KRL i uzyskaj 3% ZNIŻKI na Hearts of Iron! 🤍 Użyj kodu KRL i uzyskaj 3% ZNIŻKI na Crusader Kings! 🤍 - idealne miejsce do zakupu gier! 🤍 Witam was bardzo serdecznie w kolejny epizodzie z gry Crusader Kings 3. W dzisiejszym epizodzie zagramy Polską w Crusader Kings 3 i postaramy się zjednoczyć nasz naród jak i wszystkich słowian! Zapraszam do oglądania. Tutaj mnie też znajdziecie: Streamy ► 🤍 Discord ► 🤍 Fanpage ► 🤍 Instragram ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 ► Subskrybuj kanał Kałach - 🤍 ► Wspieraj kanał Kałach - 🤍 Polecam też sprawdzić inne filmy z Hearts of Iron 4 jeżeli szukasz: ► Czy Polską w 1939 da się wybronić? Przekonajmy się! - Hearts of Iron IV 🤍 ► Aktywować Protokół MOŚCICKI w Historical Poland w Hearts of Iron 4 🤍 ► Najbardziej niedoceniony mod w Hearts of Iron 4 🤍 ► POLSKA RATUJE ŚWIAT OD KATAKLIZMU ZOMBIE w Hearts of Iron 4 🤍 ► PODBÓJ ŚWIATA POLSKĄ BEZ REKRUTACJI DYWIZJI w Hearts of Iron IV 🤍 ► Polski sen o międzymorzu w Hearts of Iron 4 🤍 ► Najlepsza doktryna w Hearts of Iron 4 🤍 #ck3 #kałach #crusaderkings3

Criando o Reino de PORTUGAL e IMPÉRIO ROMANO em CK3! - Crusader Kings 3 Portugal #01[Gameplay PT-BR]


#Ck3 #CrusaderKings3 #LetsplayCrusaderKingsIII ★Série Completa: 🤍 ►Link para DLive: 🤍 ❤Seja um Apoiador e ajude o canal: 🤍 ❤Torne-se Membro do Canal do Void: 🤍 ❤Compre Jogos Desbloqueados na GoG: 🤍 ❤Compre jogos na promoção e ganhe 6 ou mais no fim do mês: 🤍 ❤Vive fora do Brasil? Quer fazer uma única doação? Faça pelo Streamlabs! 🤍 _ Se inscreva-se a si mesmo no canal! ►Link do Discord: 🤍 ►Curta a página: 🤍 ►Siga-nos no Twitter: 🤍 _ ★Video do jogo Crusader Kings 3 no estilo Let's Play / Vamos Jogar mostrando a gameplay / Jogabilidade em português brasileiro (PTBR) aqui no Canal do VoiD! A Paradox Development Studio traz para você a sequência de um dos jogos de estratégia mais populares já produzidos. Crusader Kings III é o sucessor de um longo legado de experiências históricas de grande estratégia e chega com uma série de novas maneiras de garantir o sucesso da sua casa real. HISTÓRIA Escolha uma casa real ou nobre dentre diversos reinos em um mapa que se estende da Islândia à Índia e do Círculo Polar Ártico à África Central. Lidere uma dinastia ao longo dos séculos, garantindo a segurança e o poder de cada nova geração. Conquiste novas terras e títulos para consolidar seu legado. Seja um rei piedoso para receber apoio das potências religiosas, ou faça tudo por conta própria, criando sua própria religião e ganhando fama eterna ou condenação perpétua. Cavaleiros, revoltas camponesas, peregrinações, invasores vikings... vivencie o drama e a ostentação da Idade Média. CARÁTER Escolha um dos cinco estilos de vida diferentes, aperfeiçoando suas habilidades em estratégia militar ou gerenciamento de reinos. Adquira traços de caráter que guiarão suas ações, mas cuidado para não agir contra sua natureza! O estresse de negar o seu verdadeiro eu poderia causar uma série de problemas! Escolha os guardiões adequados para seus herdeiros ou treine-os você mesmo. Mas o que fazer se o herdeiro legal não estiver apto a assumir o trono? Personagens violentos podem criar uma temível reputação, submetendo os seus súditos à obediência devido ao medo que você inspira. GUERRA Recrute unidades de homens de armas e cavaleiros poderosos para reforçar o seu exército. Pesquise novas tecnologias para aumentar as riquezas e o poder militar de seu reino. Contrate mercenários e ordens sagradas para suas maiores guerras. Complemente sua renda negociando prisioneiros ou saqueando reinos vizinhos. INTRIGA Use seu mestre em espionagem para descobrir conspirações contra sua dinastia e governo. Recrute agentes para ajudar a prejudicar ou assassinar qualquer um que esteja entre você e o poder. Seduza outros personagens com o objetivo de conquistar amor ou poder político. Reúna informações para chantagear ou peça favores sempre que seus planos precisarem de um pouco mais de influência.

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