OPEN D: The most beautiful tuning for guitar!

Paul Davids

Paul Davids

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(Tabs on Patreon!) We turn 4 simple chords into something amazing, all playing in open D tuning! ▶My acoustic guitar course! 🤍 ◀ ▶TABS AVAILABE ON PATREON◀ 🤍🤍 ▶FOLLOW ME◀ Instagram: 🤍🤍 ▶MY COURSES◀ Beginner: 🤍 Intermediate: 🤍 Acoustic: 🤍 ▶GUITAR◀ Martin D-28 Hi, my name is Paul Davids! I am a guitar player, teacher, producer, and overall music enthusiast from the Netherlands! I try to inspire people from all over the world with my videos, here on YouTube. If you want to know more about me, check out 🤍 or check out my guitar courses at: 🤍 and 🤍, and 🤍 Thank you for watching! Paul Below is the gear and services I use to make these videos. They redirect to websites and provide me with a small kickback should purchase any of these things. ▶GEAR LIST◀ 🤍🤍 ▶SFX & Background music◀ 🤍 ▶MICS◀ Vocal mic - 🤍 Guitar mic 1 - 🤍 Guitar mic 2 - 🤍 ▶SOUND◀ Soundcard - 🤍 DAW - 🤍 ▶VIDEO GEAR◀ Camera: 🤍 16-35mm: 🤍 24mm: 🤍 35mm: 🤍 50mm: 85mm: 🤍 24-105: 🤍

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OPEN D: The most beautiful tuning for guitar!
OPEN D: The most beautiful tuning for guitar!
OPEN D: The most beautiful tuning for guitar!
OPEN D: The most beautiful tuning for guitar!
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2023-12-01 10:00:15

ce type est incroyable... quelle mélodie magnifique...

2023-12-01 06:33:09

Paul this is really beautiful, but I'm wondering if it isn't sort of limited to songs in "D".

2023-11-30 13:57:33

just discovered this tuning, it's GORGEOUS!

2023-11-30 07:30:58

this song has such a powerful presence. it has the most touching lyrics ive ever heard. they just havent been written yet.

2023-11-30 00:09:40

Beautiful lessons your friendship with the acoustic ...very nice..thank you !!

2023-11-28 20:20:10

You make it look so easy! 😂

2023-11-28 13:46:13

You make it look so easy! Wonderful!! :-)

2023-11-27 22:46:05

D tuning is magic

2023-11-27 14:22:13

Не песня , а разговор под перестроенную гитару, а где мелодия? Один речитатив что-ли?

2023-11-27 11:44:25

Thanks for the Inspiration. I made a song out of this for my daughter.

2023-11-25 13:51:06

"it sounds good" is an unjust description Paul. That little ditty vibrates to the soul. The way you explain music to us is a gift. Please continue...

2023-11-24 22:29:31

We know he is good when he plays one of the best riffs on an acoustic for a demonstration video than I ever could

2023-11-23 17:37:01

You got any songs made from this?

2023-11-22 16:10:44

Naaaaah, cgccgc is is the best

2023-11-22 07:35:04

In want to learn this so bad

2023-11-20 03:20:33


2023-11-16 08:06:19

Yeah man! Total good vibes, love your spirit Paul.

2023-11-14 16:03:16

this melody literally makes me cry, it's so dang beautiful!

2023-11-11 18:24:37

Cheers man,

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