Make The Most Of Your iPad! ULTIMATE iPad Setup Guide 2022

Better Creating

Better Creating

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This is how make the most of your iPad. Whether you’ve had an iPad pro for years, just bought a spangly new iPad Air 5, my ultimate iPad setup guide for 2022 can help you get more from your iPad, iOS 15 and find the perfect iPad accessories ... from gaming to productivity: even if you’re just a casual user! 📣Download my 2023 iPad & iOS Icons & Design Pack HERE: 🤍🤍 WATCH NEXT: The Best Macbook Pro Desk Set-up for Portable Productivity? Take Universal Control: 🤍 Secret iPad Tips and Tricks You Should Try in 2023! 🤍 My Minimal iPad Setup | Custom iOS Icon Design Tutorial 2022 (+ shortcuts hacks!): 🤍 The New iPadOS 16 Features To Make Your iPad Better! Kind of... 🤍 FOLLOW ME: 🖥️ Get My Notion Templates: 🤍 📨 Sign Up - occasional snippets of wonder to your inbox on productivity, simple living & creative life: 🤍🤍 📸 Instagram - 🤍 🐦 Twitter - 🤍 🌍 🤍🤍 MENTIONED LINKS As an Amazon associate, if you purchase through these links I make a small commission at no cost to you: so thanks for clicking! My Shortcut Icons: 🤍🤍 CharJenPro Magflott iPad Stand | US: 🤍🤍 | UK: 🤍🤍 Universal Control Setup Guide: 🤍🤍 Paperlike Screen Covers: UK: 🤍🤍 | US: 🤍🤍 SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD 1TB: UK: 🤍 | US: 🤍 SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD 2TB: UK: 🤍 | US: 🤍 Microsoft Arc 2 Mouse: UK: 🤍 | US: 🤍 Keychron K3v2 Bluetooth Backlit Optical Tactile Ultra-slim Aluminium Mac/PC 75% Keyboard | US: 🤍 | UK: 🤍 Keychron K2 V2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with White LED Backlit | US: 🤍 | UK: 🤍🤍 HyperDrive 6-1 Portable iPad Dock: UK: 🤍🤍 | US: 🤍🤍 iPad Compatible Gaming Controller: UK: 🤍🤍 | US: 🤍🤍 Low level Umbra U Dock iPad Stand: US: 🤍 VIDEO CHAPTERS: 00:00 How To Make The Most of Your iPad 00:34 iPad Home-screen Organisation: Focus Modes, Pages and Widgets 01:50 iPad Quick Capture Hacks 02:40 Writing & Note-taking on the iPad 03:41 A Break from the iPad! 03:59 Multi-Tasking on The iPad 04:31 Cross Device Features & Universal Control 05:39 Accessorising Your iPad 07:41 Gaming On An iPad 08:04 Embracing Premium iPad Apps 08:51 The Best iPad Productivity Tools MY YOUTUBE FILMING SET-UP: A list of the kit I use to make this channel all in one place: 🤍🤍 BETTER CREATING My name is Simon, and I'm finding ways to simplify productivity & creative life. Exploring productivity, simple living and creative life, the Better Creating YouTube Channel is my project to build a toolkit to help creative people (including me) create more meaningful work, create better content, and live more intentional stress-free lives in the process. Other than doing this, I work as a freelance creative in theatre and film, creating productions. #iPad #iPadSetup #BetterCreating

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Make The Most Of Your iPad! ULTIMATE iPad Setup Guide 2022
Make The Most Of Your iPad! ULTIMATE iPad Setup Guide 2022
Make The Most Of Your iPad! ULTIMATE iPad Setup Guide 2022
Make The Most Of Your iPad! ULTIMATE iPad Setup Guide 2022
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The Wizrd
2023-08-31 08:00:50

7AGND7UWwsg&t=2m40s 2:40 daily songwriting exercises

2023-08-19 15:06:39

Your camera goes out of focus too often. Dislike

Sagar Jain
2023-08-18 04:29:52

why does the video looks so faded and dull ?

Davide Spadazzi
2023-08-15 12:12:55

I use the iPad for photography but I hate lightroom, I want to edit on an external sad and not on the cloud. There isn't a real alternative for that. I have the Adobe subscription on the PC and don't want to pay more...

Niranjan S
2023-06-14 12:08:50

Why do you talk sooooo fast. Can't follow what you are saying AT all

Tim Holloway
2023-06-11 03:38:27

This is the second video that has suggested I not treat an iPad like a laptop. Why not? What's a computer?

7AGND7UWwsg&t=0m38s 0:38 "To truly make the best of your iPad, think in terms of widgets, pages, and focus modes." Eat me raw. A device, at this point, should do what I want. I shouldn't have to adapt my thinking around an OS. It should just work and give me the most direct path to what I want. Apps should load instantly. The OS and interface shouldn't require extra steps, animations, or "widgets, pages, and focus modes".

Watching a bit of your video plus the last video I watched has convinced me that Apple and its users are retards who can't think or understand, only consume. Apple has made trillions of dollars exploiting how incredibly stupid in a colour-coded, stupidified way their products are designs. The iPad really is an expensive piece of glass and the "experts" are some of the dumbest people, a kind of middle-class customer service YouTuber sucking off Google, Apple, and people too incompetent to masturbate properly.

I shiver with disgust at Apple, now. Thank you for making this YouTube video as a final warning to stay the fuck away from Apple, its stores, and its brainwashed, applesauce-filled customers.

Trà Hồng
2023-05-20 13:54:53

I just bought an ipad for 1 weeks and switched over and over again between Books and Note and Translate app. Now i know it can work in multi app at the same time

2023-04-24 18:09:16

This is why I do not want to get an ipad. I like comfort, efficiency and ease of use. I get an ipad learn of cross features, then I want to get an iphone, then the macbook and so on. I start with spending 1000euros and at the end I am out 4000euros

Gio La Gala
2023-04-10 10:16:10

Apart a great British accent that I adore. These reviews are amazing ! Congrats !

Balázs Csumpilla
2023-03-30 10:35:31

Hy @BetterCreating! I love your videos! I have a problem with my new ipad air 5, I don't have any "Scribble" option in it. I also have a pencil (2nd gen.) Is it possible that there is no such function? :( Thank you very much for your answer!

2023-03-24 07:20:05

This guy lokey looks like Ryan Reynolds

2023-03-22 10:16:37

Hmm I wonder if this guy has lived this long and really thinks its "copy an paste"? 😀

2023-03-08 14:03:36

Exactly what I was looking for : ) The 3 model is really nice

Taylor Maranda
2023-03-05 00:51:24

i have to use an ipad for school and it's honestly incredible--it definitely isn't very great for apps like docs, slides, sheets, etc. because those are just better on computers, but i love using my ipad for note taking, digital assignments, photoshop (not that i'm crazy into photoshop, i just do very basic things, but it's still great) and even when i'm using it like a second monitor (because my apple id is my school account and i can't sign into it on my personal devices i can't use sidecar, but i often use my laptop to pull up research or a slideshow, for example, and then i write in a document on my ipad)

Richard Nolan
2023-03-03 23:35:06

I have recently found your channel and find your informative suggestions, explanations and recommendations on both hardware and software, are extremely valuable. Hopefully as time goes by you will substantially increase your number of subscribers as you definitely deserve to have far more than at the moment. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Your easy going presentation style makes for good viewing. Great work, thank you very much for the effort

Homo sapiens non erectus
2023-03-02 20:21:13

I wish i could use the ipad as a 2nd screen. To cool to let go to waste as mac only feature

Selkie Arch
2023-02-28 06:39:15

how rich do you have to be to just leave such a pricey thing laying around 😦

Ángel Rivera
2023-02-26 23:24:47

but this only works for ipad pro, not for normal ipad

Kristófer Orri
2023-02-10 18:26:25

How do I get my home screen to look like that?

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